This consultation includes:

  • Gathering case history

  • Assessment

  • Discussion of Finding


For detailed school aged assessments, additional assessment sessions may be required to complete all areas of assessment. Also it should be noted that reporting is not included within this fee. Reports can be written at an additional cost, please see below for details.  

This consultation includes comprehensive assessment of swallow via either Fibreoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallow (FEES) or Modified Barium Swallow (MBS).


Both of these assessments require, specialist equipment and medical staff, therefore an additional cost will be payable to the service provider. 


Summary - $97

Detailed - $180-215

30mins - $85- 97

45mins - $127-145

60mins - $180 - 193.99


Hunter Speech Pathology has NDIS registration under The Lorn Surgery. We can provide therapeutic supports and mealtime plans for all NDIS-funded clients, including early intervention clients.


We accept agency-managed, plan-managed and self-managed NDIS clients.


For more information on how we work with NDIS clients, please contact us direct.

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Hunter Speech Pathology accept Chronic Disease Management plans (CDM) from General Practioners (GP). 

To be eligible you must have had the condition for over 6 months and have greater than two allied health needs. To discuss further eligibility, please make an appointment with your GP. 

Patients who do have a CDM plan are entitled to up to 5 visits at a discounted rate. A rebate of $54.60 will be received from Medicare after your visit. 


Hunter Speech Pathology have HICAPS available at the surgery allowing you to claim you private health rebate at the time of your appointment. All private health companies and policies varying in the amount covered so please contact your insurer directly for more information about you level of rebate.