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We work with adults for a range of reasons. Below is some information on issues we can help with.


Hunter Speech Pathology specialises in swallowing difficulties and offers both clinical and instrumental swallowing assessments. 

Swallowing difficulties can be as simple as having trouble chewing tough foods to as complicated as food getting stuck in the throat or going down the wrong way into the lungs. 

Swallowing difficulties can lead to severe chest infections, poor nutrition and reduced quality of life as a result of being unable to participate in meal time events including birthday dinners, coffees out or even a drink at the pub. 

At Hunter Speech Pathology we have access to instrumental swallowing assessments that allows us to look at what is causing the swallowing difficulty in order to know how best to help, along with extensive knowledge in the rehabilitation of your swallowing difficulty. 

Image by Tamas Pap


Voice disorders can manifest themselves in many ways.


Some people will experience changes to the quality of their voice, including roughness or breathiness. Others’ vocal quality will fluctuate, with occasional bursts of a clear voice and then periods of losing their voice all together. Some will experience difficulties with their breathing and experience asthma-like symptoms.


Hunter Speech Pathology has extensive experience in the assessment and management of voice disorders, including comprehensive training in the gold standard of treatment, Voice Craft.


We can tailor our therapy to each individual, be that to help them return to work (for teachers and instructors) or return to a passion (like singing).

Image by Keagan Henman
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